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ReApp is a project I worked on aimed at improving the interaction between physiotherapists and their patients by making progress easier to track and implementing instant communication.

Client Management

The app features a client management system that allows the physio to group patients and manage them individually.

Instant Chat

Instant chat lets patients ask their physio any pending questions in a fast, informal manner.

Client Feedback

One of the major points of the app is to get feedback from clients. We created a user-friendly feedback form creator that lets physios create small surveys for clients to answer. The physio can schedule feedback on an interval (like a wake-up questionnaire every day at 6:00 AM), or request an immediate once-off response.

3D feedback model

To make client feedback more intuitive, clients can select an area on a rotatable 3D model. This was created using Three.js and Blender 3D.


Programs are groups of exercise and feedback questionnaires that can be assigned to many clients. Programs have exercises assigned to certain days which are automatically shown to clients on the correct day. When a client has finished his/her program for the day, they are presented with a questionnaire regarding the program.